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Music Video: Undugu - Juma Tutu

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SasaHivi Media produces new music video 'Undugu' for Juma Tutu

SasaHivi Media has produced the new music video clip for Kenyan Afro-Jazz star Juma Tutu.

The song is about that 'real brotherhood' is not necessarily to be found with the ‘brothers’ you are born with, but that sometimes one might have to go out into the world and face all kind of hardships to find 'real brotherhood'. The story in the video is weaved around a woman to make clear that the song, as much as its title is the male word ‘Brotherhood’, not only reflects on male brotherhood, but is universal for all human beings.

In brief, the storyline of the video clip is the story of a woman who is chased away from her village by her fellow villagers. She wanders senseless through the forest and the countryside, along the highway, lays in the garbage and the mud of a slum to end up as a beggar in a big city. On the mean streets of the big city, she breaks down and a miracle happens: a broom drops from heaven and with that broom, she gets a job as a cleaner in an office.
In the office she is fascinated by the computers and one day, as all office workers have left, she dares to sit behind one and types something on the keyboard. By operating the computer, she has unlocked obviously another miracle, as money starts to pour on her!!!!
When the office workers return to the office and discover her, they start excessively applauding her.
She now turns into a smartly dressed office worker and makes a fast career, only to end up as a CEO.
As much as she is now a rich and successful power-woman, she still misses something.
At long last, one day she gets into her BMW and drives back to the village she was chased from, her village. The villagers are greatly surprised, but welcome her back, though it turns out that they are more interested in her car then in her.  She watches in astonishment the villagers worshipping her car and this sight sets her free once and for all.
She removes her CEO dress jacket and her high heels and walks away, this time out of her own choice.

The musicians play in this musical the role of storytellers, who are in most scenes somewhere in the background situated. Only the main singers Juma Tutu and Alai K come to the foreground of the picture when they sing/do their respective solos. The musicians are dressed up and face-painted in traditional African outfit.

The video was produced as part of the 'Spotlight on Kenyan Music' series, funded by the Alliance Française de Nairobi, which acted as Executive Producer as well.
The production of the video was done by SasaHivi Media and the story was written and directed by the Managing Director of SasaHivi Media, Ralf Hubert Graf (also known as RxAxLxF).The main character in the video is played by Kenyan actress and dancer Neema Bagamuhunda. The video was shot at the locations of the museum village of Bomas of Kenya, in Africa’s biggest slum Kibera and in Nairobi City Centre.

Watch the video here:

Or sample Juma Tutu’s music and more videos on his website: Juma Tutu

And don't forget to have a look at the Alliance Française de Nairobi's website as well (produced by SasaHivi Media, but do we say?)

Undugu (Brotherhood)
Juma Tutu ft Alai K.
Musicians: Juma Tutu, Alai K and the Tutu Band.
Main Actress: Neema Bagamuhunda
Director: RxAxLxF
Producer: SasaHivi Media
Executive Producer: Alliance Française de Nairobi
4:45 minutes


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