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Web Developement

Web Development by SasaHivi Media - An overview
From Websites to Content Management Systems to Online applications, there is nothing on the World Wide Web which SasaHivi Media Ltd can not handle.

Website Production
If your company or organization does not have a web site yet, we will help you get started from scratch, including (re)designing your complete house style if needed.
We can also redesign or maintain your existing site, this is usually more cost effective than building a web site from scratch.
For (re)designing your site, we can use your existing company material. Brochures, logos, photographs, product descriptions, business cards etc. are all recommended resources to use. We see a website not just as some item standing on it's own, but being an integral part of the total public relations strategy of your company or organization.

Our points of attention
When we build your web site, we give special attention to the following points:

  • Structuring the information architecture of the website, as example advising you on how to present your organization in the most optimal way on the internet.
  • Maximizing the usability of your website, in example designing the navigation of your site from an user-minded viewpoint.
  • Designing the ‘look and feel' of your website, this will consist of developing a suitable visual representation of your organization.
  • Structuring the technical side of your website, for improving download time and minimizing errors.

Amongst the above, we put special attention into the visual design, as this will be your 'virtual business card' to your visitors on the web.

Website Maintenance
After you have build up a web presence with a functional website, have you ever thought about what will happen next? As your company / organization evolves, so is the need to develop your website further. As your business evolves, it may require some things
to be added, deleted, or modified. We can offer you also attractive maintenance schemes, made to fit the nature of your business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
All websites we produce are optimized  for indexing by the major Search Engines. As added value we offer to our clients submission of their website to the 3 most important search engines. If you have already a website which is not achieving a high ranking in any of the Search engines, we can rebuild your website and optimize it so it will receive the highest possible ranking. Furthermore, by using advanced submission techniques we will be able to get your website within any top 10 of a Search engine listing.

and basic tracking of the amount of visitors on your web site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content Management Systems are Database driven websites, whereby dynamic elements like newsletter services and site search can be included. The information in the database is accessible and editable through a Content Management System. A CMS will enable your staff to maintain and update the content of your website by themselves without involving a web design agency.The site structure is like this, that new pages and dynamic modules can relatively easy be included. By using Open Source Software, in particular PHP and MySQL, we can empower your website and database with copyright free and cost effective services. All CMS's we develop are according the international internet standards as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium. If required, we can train your web administrator (team) in how to use the system.

Online Applications
And do you want functional capabilities like forums, mailinglists, guestbooks, e-commerce systems and database driven applications? (well, just to mention a few). You mention it, we will deliver it!

 Third party content creation
We also produce content and offer consultancy services for the following online 3rd party systems:

  • AIM
  • E-Payment systems International: VISA / Mastercard / Worldpay / Paypal / 2CO
  • E-payment systems Kenya: M-Pesa
  • E-Bay
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Google Sketchup
  • Myspace
  • MSN
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Youtube

 Anything else?
In case you might require content or consultancy for any other system than listed above, contact us! Up to now, there is no system we can not handle...

Like you might think of:

  • Extranet Applications
  • Intranet Applications
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Online Marketing
  • Corporate Portals
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS Advertising
  • SMS Marketing

Any more questions?
Contact us by clicking here!


Who are we

SasaHivi Media Ltd ('Sasa Hivi' means in Kiswahili 'right now') was founded in 2003 as a Social Entrepreneurship entity in Nairobi, Kenya by Ralf H. Graf, a long time experienced Multimedia, PR and IT professional.


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