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Corporate Branding

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Corporate Branding

What you need
Successful corporate branding is created by a strong coherence between what a company’s top management seek to accomplish, what a company’s employees know and believe, and how its external stakeholders (for the most important part the (prospective) clients) perceive the company and it's services.

What we can do
As the first two factors above are mainly a challenge to your internal company organization, SasaHivi Media Ltd can definitely improve the last factor for you! 
We will inventarize and analyze your current strategy and implementation of the same and advise you how to improve it and how to implement our advices. Anytime the general public sees, hears, or comes into contact with your specific brand, our branding team will have thought about it and will have found a way to weave a positive brand image into it.
Our advantage is that we employ both marketing specialists to come up with thorough strategies, and producers, developers and designers which know how to materialize any given strategy to the maximum effect. Particular our experience in the implementation of interactive and streaming media will give you the extra mile ahead of your competition! 

Our approach
A successful corporate branding strategy is all about establishing a long-term vision for your company and crafting the company’s operations to meet that objective. SasaHivi Media Ltd is conversant in advising you on any level of your corporate branding, from corporate identity to product level. Any implementation of a branding strategy, is just as strong as the strategy itself. It is the foundation and source of everything which comes after. 

Logo: The logo is the image embodying your organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and will be remembered by the public most intensive if done well.

Packaging: Packaging consists of the process of designing, evaluating, and producing of packages for your goods and services. Development of a package must be linked closely with the product to be packaged. Package design starts with the identification of all the requirements: structural design, marketing, shelf life, quality assurance, logistics, legal issues, graphic design, end-usage, environmental impact, and possibly even more depending on the product or service. The design criteria, time targets, resources, and cost constraints need to be established and utilized to the maximum efficiency.

Advertising: A good advertisement is designed to and able to generate increased consumption of those products and services advertised, often through the creation and reinforcement of a "brand image" and "brand loyalty". SasaHivi Media Ltd has experience in all media to deliver our clients' messages, including television, radio, cinema, magazines, newspapers, the internet and billboards. Our advertisement services include media buying and media targeting.

Stationery: Stationery covers a wide gamut of materials: in example, paper and office supplies, writing implements, business cards, greeting cards, invoices, receipts and many more. Though stationery is often used in the second line of contact with your (prospective) clients, it is most important to give it the utmost attention, as it leaves a lasting impression in your (prospective) customers' mind. It can give your company the extra benefit in portraying the image you want it to have.

Online applications: Online applications and websites play these days a large role in corporate branding, the Internet is becoming more and more commercial and paid advertising is showing up on nearly everything. The web's influence on companies has been extensive because it is a medium for exposure and many companies have yet to really embrace this new form. Even more exciting, the internet has established a completely new form of advertising, called interactive advertising, which creates almost unlimited possibilities to interact with your (prospective) customers. Has your company already an effective website?

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SasaHivi Media Ltd ('Sasa Hivi' means in Kiswahili 'right now') was founded in 2003 as a Social Entrepreneurship entity in Nairobi, Kenya by Ralf H. Graf, a long time experienced Multimedia, PR and IT professional.


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