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SasaHivi Media produces new intranet for the Kenya Roads Board (KRB)

SasaHivi Media produces the new intranet for the Kenya Roads Board (KRB)

About the Kenya Roads Board
The History of Kenya Roads Board dates back to 1992 when the Kenya Government together with the Road Maintenance Initiative (RMI) of the World Bank hosted a Road Sector Stakeholders Seminar, to address the deteriorating condition of the road network in Kenya. The Kenya Roads Board was established by the Kenyan Parliament in 1999 and was given presidential assent in January 2000.

The main objective of the Kenya Roads Board is to oversee the road network in Kenya and thereby coordinate its development, rehabilitation and maintenance and to be the principal advisor to the Kenyan Government on all matters related thereto.

The Kenya Roads Board formation was a significant step towards reforming the road sector in Kenya. Kenya Roads Board's members, including both individual and corporate, come from both the public and private sectors of the economy. Through this representation road users and other stakeholders can participate in the management of roads in Kenya while ensuring that utilization of the funds entrusted to Kenya Roads Board is carried out as per expectations of the stakeholders.

About the intranet of the Kenya Roads Board
The Kenya Roads Board needed a functional and efficient system for internal communication between its employees and stakeholders. As the old intranet system the Kenya Roads Board was using was never implemented to the fullest and completely outdated, they had the urgent need for a solution that works.

The intranet which SasaHivi Media produced for the Kenya Roads Board is a tailormade, modular, integrated Open Source solution running on the internal network of the Kenya Roads Board. As it is a system meant for internal use, it is only accessible by the employees and authorized stakeholders of the Kenya Roads Board. As the system is build up modular, it has the possibility to be modified or extended in a relative easy way later on. The modular set up also enhances security and maintenance of the intranet system, in example, if 1 module is not operational, the rest of the intranet can continue to be operational without problem.

In detail, the solution SasaHivi Media produced consists initially of the following parts:

- A User Login Portal, where all authorized users can log in. Through the connected database, the system is capable of identifying the access level for each user. Each user can be given different access levels to the system, in example administrator (able to change system settings and content), editor (able to change content) or user (not able to change anything) rights.
- A Helpdesk section, which is built specifically for Intranet IT management. It is able to meet the demands of staff members seeking assistance through the internal, intranet-based help desk software.  It offers the following communication abilities: it lets users send e-mail and instant messages to the helpdesk staff and can contact them automatically in case of meeting a pre-defined alert (i.e. a scheduled maintenance alert).
- A Resource book section, which manages all resource bookings issues like giving an overview of available resources depending on user level, giving an overview of the available times and if a booking is possible, updating the system in real-time.
- A Calendar section, which in cooperation with the Events section is the place to give an overview of all upcoming events. The big difference with the Events section is that here a user depending on the access level can also be informed about the status of staff members and can plan with other staff members common meetings. The section has a function to contact selected staff members directly.
- A storage and downloads section, in this section all kind of possible documents and files can be stored and downloaded, materials like application forms, documentation material, publications, presentations, laws and other downloadable material. Users can store or remove documents through the Content Management System. Each registered user of the intranet has his/her own virtual storage place, which is only accessible by the user. From within this virtual store, a user can send files to any individual or group of users of the intranet.
- A Picture gallery section, which is the store of pictorial galleries with images of the projects of the Kenya Roads Board. Each day/category/subject/project can have its own gallery and can be customized independently. Each gallery can be interlinked with the project it belongs to. All content can be sorted by date, subject or keywords. All pictures can be as well placed inline in the pages of the intranet.
- A Phonebook section, which serves as directory with all kind of staff member contact information, like office phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, department, designation and photograph. It has the integrated option to contact a staff member directly by clicking on the contact details.
- An Events section, which is the place to publish all upcoming events and also archive past events. Members of staff will know which event, when and where is happening by configuring individual or group alerting schemes. This section can be used to maintain company events, public holidays, pay days and other company wide relevant dates and integrate them with individual personal schedules.
- A Policies and Regulations section, where employees can access the rules, policies, regulations and more information about KRB. This section is the library and database to retrieve all policies and procedures to ensure a safe and organized work place. A public comment and discussion area is be included as well.

SasaHivi Media is proud to develop again a state of the art online application for a prime Kenyan Government agency, in the trust that it will contribute to help the Kenyan Government to serve the people of Kenya even better!

As the intranet system of the Kenya Roads Board is an entirely internal system, it is unfortunately not possible to include a link to the live system here. Though we have installed a online demo version, where we have removed all sensitive material. You can log into it by using the username 'demo' with password 'demo'. Experience the demo version of the Kenya Roads Board intranet by clicking here:
Demo version of the intranet of the Kenya Roads Board.

In case you are interested how your organization can benefit from a tailor-made intranet system for your organization, feel free to contact us by clicking here!

The website of the Kenya Roads Board (also produced by SasaHivi Media) can be found here:

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