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SasaHivi Media produces new website for the Kenya Roads Board (KRB)

SasaHivi Media produces the new website for the Kenya Roads Board (KRB)

About the Kenya Roads Board
The History of Kenya Roads Board dates back to 1992 when the Kenya Government together with the Road Maintenance Initiative (RMI) of the World Bank hosted a Road Sector Stakeholders Seminar, to address the deteriorating condition of the road network in Kenya. The Kenya Roads Board was established by the Kenyan Parliament in 1999 and was given presidential assent in January 2000.

The main objective of the Kenya Roads Board is to oversee the road network in Kenya and thereby coordinate its development, rehabilitation and maintenance and to be the principal advisor to the Kenyan Government on all matters related thereto.

The Kenya Roads Board formation was a significant step towards reforming the road sector in Kenya. Kenya Roads Board's members, including both individual and corporate, come from both the public and private sectors of the economy. Through this representation road users and other stakeholders can participate in the management of roads in Kenya while ensuring that utilization of the funds entrusted to Kenya Roads Board is carried out as per expectations of the stakeholders.

About the website of the Kenya Roads Board
As the Kenya Roads Board is concerned with the roads network in Kenya, it is a Government service where (almost) every Kenyan and visitor to Kenya in one way (literally...) or another has made use of, though most of the time not realizing who is actually the force behind the maintenance of the road network. To enhance awareness and promote participation, it became necessary to create a system where as much as possible information about the Kenyan road network can be found (like all official roads map available about the Kenyan Road Network) and where visitors to the website can interact with and contact the Kenya Roads Board in the easiest way.

To be able to store large amounts of information, SasaHivi Media has produced the website based on a database driven system. The information in the database is accessible and editable through a Content Management System, which ensures that pages and sections can be added or removed easily at any time by the Kenya Roads Board staff.

The website sets new standards for Kenyan Government websites because of the state of the art structure and the huge amount of documents and information. Currently, the website of the Kenya Roads Board is one of the most efficient and extensive websites which are in use by the Kenyan Government.

To give you an impression of the information to be found on the website, have a look at its structure (divided into main sections and sub-sections):

* About the Kenya Roads Board
o Legislation
+ KRB Act 1999
+ Kenya Roads Act 2007
o The Board
+ Board Members
+ Management Staff
+ Stakeholders
o History
o Service Charter
o Social Responsibility
* Roads Sector Policies
o Integrated Transport Policy
o Road Subsector
+ Scott Wilson Report
+ Sessional Paper 2006
* Road Network
o Kenya Roads Network
o Road Maps
o E.A Road Network
o Classification
o Road Conditions
* Programmes
o Roads 2000
* Funding
* Road Agencies
* Compliance Audits

o Purpose
o Scope
o Conduct
* Partners
o Ministry of Roads
o National Highways Authority
o Kenya Rural Roads Authority
o Kenya Urban Roads Authority
* Resourceful Links
o Institute of Engineers Kenya
o Kenya Bureau of Standards
o Public Procurement Oversight Authority
o Public Service Commission
o Engineers Registration Board
* Downloads
* Gallery
* News

o Events
o Public Notices
* Guestbook
* Contact Us
* Newsletter
* Staff Mail
* User Login

SasaHivi Media is proud to have developed another state of the art internet application for a prime Kenyan Government agency, in the trust that our combined efforts will benefit the people of Kenya and will make a better Kenya day by day!

Find the website of the Kenya Roads Board here:


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