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SasaHivi Media produces the new website for Compassion International

SasaHivi Media produces the new website for Compassion International

About Compassion International
In Kenya, Compassion International started its ministry in 1980 with the first project in Narok under the Salvation Army Church. Compassion Kenya now works with over 30 different evangelical denominations such as the Church of God, the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), the Methodist Church, the Redeemed Gospel Church, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa just to mention a few. Compassion Kenya partners with over 300 local churches spread throughout the country to minister to over 80,000 needy children and youth.
Compassion maintains in Kenya programs like:
The Compassion Leadership Development Program (LDP) - which identifies and provides university level education as well as leadership training opportunities for outstanding graduates from our Child Sponsorship Program to attain their full God-given potential.
The Child Survival Program - which focuses on children under four (4) years allowing them to survive in their early years, when they are most vulnerable to preventable diseases, malnutrition and other perils.
The Child Sponsorship Program - which seeks to provide children with a safe and loving Home, Church and Community environment for their holistic development.

About the website of Compassion International Kenya

Due to SasaHivi Media's strong track record in ICT and internet expertise for NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations), Compassion International made their choice to have their new website produced by SasaHivi Media.
At this point, it might be good to highlight why a NGO would need a website and what would be the functional use of it.
In the case of Compassion International, as it is for most NGO's, there is the need to efficiently communicate their programmes to all interested stakeholders. The Programmes section therefore gives an overview of the programmes Compassion International Kenya is currently pursuing, it will include their Physical development programmes, their HIV Intervention programmes, WATSAN programmes as well as Disease Trends and Health Alerts of Kenya.
Important is also a News and Events scroller, which displays upcoming events and news relevant to the public.
With the boom of Social Media, no self-respecting NGO can do without Social Media accounts anymore, therefore we have included in the website links to all Social Media accounts of Compassion International like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
To increase the revenue stream, we have also included a 'Donate' button, through which it is possible to make online donations. Pressing the button will lead to an online payment system, which is in a secure way linked to all the major credit card companies or to online payment companies. Online payment systems can be very effective to receive
real time online payments and donations from the visitors to your website. The contract payments will be directly between the client and the credit card / payment organizations.
For NGO's working with volunteers, the Volunteer section provides information for individuals who want to act as volunteers. It includes a form where one can submit his or her information.
A good communication tool is also a Newsletter with self-subscription functionality, through which an organization easily can communicate with a big amount of e-mail addresses. Plain e-mails, or even documents can send by a single click to everybody who is subscribed to the newsletter.
Quite useful is also a vacancies and internships section which contains available work and internship opportunities.
And it speaks almost for itself, that through a system wide search function, a visitor can search with keywords through all the public information available on the website.
Last but not least, contacts like the physical and postal address and google map of the office location should always be included!

Visit the website of Compassion International Kenya here:

In case you are interested in a useful and cost effective website like the one above, contact us by clicking here!

SasaHivi Media welcomes Compassion International Kenya as our customer and we look forward to help Compassion International Kenya in the advancement of the children of Kenya!


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