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Kombo & AfroSimba sign up with SasaHivi Media

Kombo & AfroSimba sign up with SasaHivi Media

Kenyan musicians Kombo and his AfroSimba band have signed up with SasaHivi Media to represent them as booking agency and publisher. SasaHivi.cultural, the subsidiary of SasaHivi Media which serves as Cultural Agency (Artist booking, Publishing and Developing of Cultural projects) will represent and develop Kombo & AfroSimba.

Kombo's background
Kombo was the tenth child in a family of thirteen children (six girls and seven boys). He grew up in a musical family in Malindi at the Kenyan coast.
His father used to have a band called Malindi International, which was in the 1970’s the most famous band in Malindi. Everyone in his family used to love music and also Kombo was exposed to live music from his early years.
When Kombo was 12 years, he joined a church choir at his local church, the Malindi Baptist Church. While singing in the church choir, he started playing percussion instruments like the Chapuo drums, Congas and the (Giriama) Boom Booms. Soon he also started to learn how to play guitar. In 1989 and 1990 he recorded with the church choir two albums (Baptist Choir Songs & Praising Choruses) in a Nairobian studio as a guitarist at the age of seventeen.
He joined his first band, the Black Warriors in 1992 to raise money for his school fees. In these days, he went to school in the mornings and in the evenings to work as a musician in the hotels and pubs of Malindi.
In 2005 he started in Malindi the Ngoma Kwetu Band and became the band leader, playing cover music in pubs and hotels. Later that year he moved to Nairobi with the whole band. In Nairobi he joined also the Kikwetu Band, with Abbi Nyinza as the band leader. 2006 became a very successful year for Kikwetu, as they played at festival and concerts all over Africa and Europe.
Unfortunately after the Elections in 2008, Kenya got into the madness of Postelection Violence and things became very bad. Kombo wrote the song ‘What we need’, which was about stopping the violence and the need to return peace, love and harmony under Kenyans. The song was well received and played in many radio stations all over Kenya and became an Agent of Peace. Later in 2008, Kombo was asked by the Alliance Francaise to join the Spotlight on Kenyan Music series, to do all over Kenya concerts as mass reconciliation.
After the situation in Kenya had cooled down, Kombo started to work on his first album, called ‘Ndivyo Ilivyo’ which he completed in 2009. He started his own band in November 2010 under the name ‘Afrosimba’. Already after three months, they started to play in corporate functions, weddings, and on several festivals.
Next to pursuing his own musical career, Kombo also cooperated and backed up many other established Kenyan artists.

Kombo's music can be best described as modern Coastal Swahili Groove. As per his cultural background, there is a strong Swahili and Mijikenda (a tribe living at the Kenyan Coast) influence in it, mixed with influences from all over Africa, making his style genuine modern African music, without disposing the age-old musical traditions of this great continent called Africa.

Kombo & AfroSimba and SasaHivi Media
As the first publishing feature, SasaHivi Media has produced a website for Kombo & AfroSimba. The website is the main hub for all online activities of Kombo & co. It holds all info about Kombo and his band, like their history, a performance schedule, lyrics, songs (which can be played through an online musicplayer), photos, videos, a guestbook and their contacts. In a later stage also their music can be bought through the site, which can be payed by international systems like creditcards and paypal, and by Kenyan systems like M-Pesa. The website is linked up with all their social media accounts like facebook and twitter as well.

Kombo's music fits exactly into SasaHivi Media's philosophy of developing modern genuine African culture, without disposing the African traditions. We are therefore proud to partner with Kombo & AfroSimba to develop their career and contribute our part to help them to produce many more beautiful African tunes!

Have a look at Kombo & AfroSimba's website by clicking here!

And if you want to inquire about engaging Kombo & AfroSimba or one of our other artists to your event, click here!


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