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Iddi Achieng signs up with SasaHivi Media

Iddi Achieng signs up with SasaHivi Media

Kenyan musician Iddi Achieng has signed up with SasaHivi Media to represent them as booking agency and publisher. SasaHivi.cultural, the subsidiary of SasaHivi Media which serves as Cultural Agency (Artist booking, Publishing and Developing of Cultural projects) will represent and develop Iddi Achieng.

Iddi Achieng's background
Iddi Achieng was born in Nairobi, the East African melting pot of Cultures. Iddi Achieng was introduced to music at a tender age by her mother who sang around her even as she went about her daily chores. She comes from a musical family: her brother plays the piano and the guitar, her sisters’ sang in the church choir. She also sang in the youth church choir.
It’s however at high school that the music and drama bug in her was cultivated. Throughout her years at high school, she received quite a number of trophies and accolades both as an individual and for the school at music and drama festivals.
After she graduated from high school, she became the lead and only female vocalist of the group Nairobi City Ensemble. They produced internationally acclaimed albums like Kaboum Boum, Kalapapla (which was rated number 14 in United Kingdom charts, marked with a red bullet due to its popularity) and Mama Africa (which was collaboration between Nairobi City Ensemble and Hannes Klauss Jazz Quartet from Germany).
She started her solo career in 2005 when she released her debut album “Thim Lich” which received rave reviews and landed her at the Kenyan Kisima awards as a finalist in the Afro-fusion category.
After this, she did several international tours, like in October 2007, when she performed at the United Nations day in Bergen (Norway) and at the Bergen International festival. She has also performed in Fest Horn (Djibouti, 2004), Stockholm, Sweden (2007), Sawa Sawa festival (2009) in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Sauti za Busara Festival in Zanzibar (2009) and at the Bayimba festival (2009) in Kampala, Uganda. In 2010 she performed to mark the International Women’s Day in March and also launched a song about environmental conservation (Ni Yako, Ni yangu), which was released as part of the Climate Change Agenda for Kenya and to mark the World Environmental Day 2010.

Iddi Achieng's music can be best described as a modern urban Afro-Centric fusion of Benga and Jazz. As per her cultural background, there is a strong Luo (a tribe living at Lake Victoria, centered around the Kenyan city Kisumu) influence in it, mixed with influences from all over Africa, making her style genuine modern African music, without disposing the age-old musical traditions of this great continent called Africa. This makes Iddi Achieng 'The Afro-Centric Musical Mixstress of Kenya'!

Iddi Achieng and SasaHivi Media
As the first publishing feature, SasaHivi Media has produced a website for Iddi Achieng. The website is the main hub for all online activities of Iddi. It holds all info about her, like her history, a performance schedule, lyrics, songs (which can be played through an online musicplayer), photos, videos, a guestbook and their contacts. In a later stage also her music can be bought through the site, which can be payed by international systems like creditcards and paypal, and by Kenyan systems like M-Pesa. The website is linked up with all her social media accounts like facebook and twitter as well.

Iddi Achieng music fits exactly into SasaHivi Media's philosophy of developing modern genuine African culture, without disposing the African traditions. We are therefore proud to partner with Iddi Achieng to advance her career and contribute our part to help her to produce many more beautiful African tunes!

Have a look at Iddi Achieng's website by clicking here!

And if you want to inquire about engaging Iddi Achieng or one of our other artists to your event, click here!


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