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SasaHivi Media signs online maintenance agreement with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation

SasaHivi Media signs online maintenance agreement with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation

SasaHivi Media Ltd has signed a maintenance agreement with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation (GMF), to revamp and maintain their online presence. As a major land steward at the edge of the Great Rift Valley, the Gallmann Africa Conservancy/the Gallmann Memorial Foundation is dedicated to creative, sustainable conservation- People and wildlife flourishing together, through research, education and the arts.
The GMF/GAC is a non-for-profit charitable organization active in Ol ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy, West Laikipia, Northern Kenya. It was created by Kuki Gallmann to honour the memory of Paolo Gallmann and Emanuele Pirri- Gallmann -her husband and son- who both died tragically and are buried in Ol ari Nyiro. Have a look at the movie of this interesting, but tragic story: 'I dreamed of Africa' (2000).
The Gallmann Africa Conservancy/the Gallmann Memorial Foundation will in perpetuity endorse its mission statement which promotes coexistence of people and nature in Africa through harmonizing the protection and the creative sustainable and ecological utilization of the natural resources.
The GMF aims to make of Ol ari Nyiro an example of this conservation principle and a monument to nature.

Formerly an operating cattle ranch, Ol ari Nyiro was transformed by Kuki Gallmann into a nature conservancy managed holistically after the death of her husband and son, and the land donated to the Gallmann Memorial Foundation, which is implemented there.
Ol ari Nyiro (“The Place of Springs”) consists of 100.000 acres private wildlife sanctuary and nature Conservancy situated on the extreme Western edge of the Laikipia Plateau along Kenya scenic Great Rift valley. Spreading through hills and savannah, comprising the only remaining indigenous relic forest in the area, and cut in half by the stunning Mukutan Gorge (“The Meeting”), Ol ari Nyiro supports an extraordinary variety of recorded flora —some of it endemic and priorly un recorded-, over 400 species of birds, a large wildlife population, particularly of elephants, lions, black rhino, leopard, antelopes, baboons, and the largest known population of Cape Buffalo in private land in Africa with over 4000 recorded heads.

As much as the Gallmann Memorial Foundation website was a functional gemstone when it was built, through time also gemstones need a bit of polishing. And technology keeps developing, particular in a fast paced environment like the internet. Therefore the Gallmann Memorial Foundation had the need to update the online presence to the current time, to incorporate present-date technology. SasaHivi Media will furthermore replace bit by bit parts of the website in a modular approach, so that at the end of the process the old GMF website will be completely replaced by a new one, without one day offline!
If you realize that also your website has become a bit oldish, then maybe our website updating and maintenance service is something for you:

Our online updating & maintenance service includes -but is not limited to- the following:
- A weekly updating service of the actual content on the website.
- Activation / de-activation of interactive modules in the website on request.
- A constant automatic monitoring if the website is online.
- A stand-by emergency service in case the website (or parts of it) will be offline.
- A weekly manual check of the website for any errors, irregularities and security vulnerabilities.
- A weekly manual check of the interactive parts, i.e. the inquiry forms and backend content management system.
- A weekly search engine optimization (SEO) of the website to ensure the website can be found by all common search engines and stays in a ranking as high as possible.
- A continuous monitoring and updating of the security of the website. As hacking technology advances by the day, we assure that the website will be always be protected by the latest online security technology. This particular update will be done whenever new hacking measures are discovered. We will notify you further immediately in case we come across any irregularity or any possible unauthorized intrusion into the backend system of the website.

In case you are interested in maintenance of your online presence, contact us by clicking here!

Visit the website of Gallmann Memorial Foundation here:

SasaHivi Media is proud to be associated with the Gallmann Memorial Foundation and we recommend to visit their great initiative (in a great place) when you are in the area!


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