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SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Sukari SACCO

SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Sukari SACCO

About Sukari SACCO Society Ltd (Sukari Savings And Credit Co-operative Society Limited)

Sukari SACCO Society was formed in 1973 as the SACCO of Mumias Sugar company, one of the leading sugar companies of Kenya, with it’s headquarters in Mumias Town in Western Kenya. The SACCO's area of operation is the entire Mumias sugar belt zone. A Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) is a democratic, unique member driven, self-help co-operative. It is owned, governed and managed by its members who might have the same common bond: working for the same employer, belonging to the same church, labour union, social fraternity or living/working in the same community.
Since it's inception, Sukari SACCO has grown tremendously in volumes, assets and membership. Sukari SACCO has become meanwhile one of the leading financial services providers of Kenya.
Sukari SACCO society is one of the few SACCO's in Kenya which have partially opened up their common bond to allow those in formal employment outside the primary membership to be members. This has allowed members of the wider community to access banking services through its ultra-modern FOSA. Also institutions and the general public have an opportunity to open savings accounts in the Society FOSA.
Sukari SACCO's customers can access the accounts through 'SACCO Link' (Branded Visa A.T.M./Credit cards). Through these services Sukari SACCO Society has changed the landscape of the SACCO business in Kenya. Sukari SACCO Society is known countrywide for it's excellent product development and service delivery.
Sukari SACCO's operations fall within the Government of Kenya’s reform process in the financial sector which has the dual objectives of protecting the interests of SACCO members and ensuring that there is confidence in the public towards the SACCO sector and spurring Kenya’s economic growth through the mobilization of domestic savings.

About SasaHivi Media and Sukari SACCO's website
SasaHivi Media has produced for Sukari SACCO a website with a dynamic structure powered by a Content Management System (CMS), all in the design of the Sukari SACCO's house style.
The website consists of a public part where features like a Welcoming page, an About us section, a Newsletter with self-subscription, a News & Events Scroller, a Webmail Gateway (for Staff email), Related Links, a Partners & Collaborators section, a Photo gallery, a Vacancies section, Social Media links, a Site Search, a Site map, a FAQ section, a Tenders section, a CSR section, a Log-in Panel and a Contacts section can be found.
In the part of the website which is not public and can only be accessed by Sukari SACCO's staff, members and other authorized stakeholders the following sections can be found:
- Online products and service catalogue with shopping cart – This section contains products and services of Sukari SACCO. All products and services can be ordered and paid in customizable quantities through the integrated shopping cart system. The shopping cart system is connected to the M-Pesa and Zap payment gateways for instant payments.
- Membership modification form – This section enables modification of membership details online by filling in details on a form connected to a database application. It also shows the membership qualification and procedures.
- M-Pesa / Zap Payment gateway – Through the Payment gateway, a member can pay for his ordered products / services online through an automated M-Pesa or Zap system whereby the money will be credited immediately into Sukari SACCO's bank or M-Pesa / Zap account.
- Member Forum – This is the discussion area of the website. Members can post discussions, read and respond to posts by other forum members.
- File Storage with download capability - Sukari SACCO's staff can store here documents through the Content Management System.
- Tariffs – This section contains tariffs of Sukari SACCO's particular services e.g. membership, fund transfer, cash withdrawal, SMS banking, etc.
And we almost forgot to mention our standard included site wide Statistics Service and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

SasaHivi Media Ltd welcomes Sukari SACCO Society Ltd as our client and we are proud to help Sukari to provide even better financial services to its members!
For a better tomorrow in a better Kenya!

Find the new website of Sukari SACCO here:


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