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SasaHivi Media produces campaign for United Nations GRASP initiative

SasaHivi Media produces campaign for the United Nations GRASP initiative

Wild ape populations have been devastated by widespread habitat loss as a result of deforestation, mining, illegal logging, human encroachment, and conversion for agricultural development. Indications show that great apes lose an average of 1.2% percent of their suitable habitat each year.
The United Nations Great Apes Survival Partnership (UN-GRASP) is an innovative and ambitious partnership comprised of great ape range states faced with an immediate challenge: to lift the threat of imminent extinction faced by gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans across their ranges in Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia.
GRASP's mission is to work as a coherent alliance to conserve wild populations of every great ape in their natural habitats, and to ensure that where apes and people interact, their interactions are both positive and sustainable.
GRASP also seeks to reduce the threats facing the same biodiversity-rich ecosystems which share the forests with the great apes and to illustrate what can be achieved through a genuine global partnership between myriad stakeholders.

About SasaHivi Media's work for UN-GRASP
After a having taken part in a competitive selection process, we are proud to be selected out of many competing companies to do the job. We were awarded the job based on the quality of our works and our long standing track record.
We designed and printed Stickers, Brochures, Pull up posters, A1 size Posters, Banners, Folders, Businesscards, Lanyards, Conference Passes and Name Placards for all delegations to the 2nd Council.
We are particular proud about the images we have created for the banners and the posters!
The campaign material will be presented during the 2nd GRASP Council between 6-8 November at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

We are proud to work for UN-GRASP and in particular that we can contribute our (small) share to hopefully avoid the extinction of great apes on our planet!

See here the campaign materials we have produced:


See here how our works were being displayed at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris:


Find here more information about the United Nations Great Apes Survival Partnership:


Who are we

SasaHivi Media Ltd ('Sasa Hivi' means in Kiswahili 'right now') was founded in 2003 as a Social Entrepreneurship entity in Nairobi, Kenya by Ralf H. Graf, a long time experienced Multimedia, PR and IT professional.


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