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SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Biashara SME

SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Biashara SME

SasaHivi Media produces the new website for Biashara SME, a unique Kenyan website!

About the Biashara SME project

Biashara SME delivers valuable information and tools to promote financial literacy as well as networking and mentorship opportunities to help small businesses grow. It offers a unique combination of diverse content and an interactive platform with a professional team of writers and experts.
Biashara SME can be summarized in three words: Share. Learn. Grow.
Members seek and SHARE knowledge, LEARN from each other and GROW their businesses  thereby boosting economic growth.

Promoting the Arts
A decade ago Kenyan TV and radio stations were full of foreign content which the broadcasters justified by saying that local Kenyan content was too expensive to produce or buy and in any case advertisers didn’t want their brands next to local programmes.
How times have changed! Today Kenyan musicians are much sought after corporate brand
ambassadors minting millions in the process. Local Kenyan TV shows are now the rage
and actors and musicians are now able to live off their talent. While all this is
good, coverage of the entertainment scene has tended to focus on the personal lives
of actors and musicians. The story of the contribution of the entertainment industry to the Kenyan economy is not being told well or at all.
Biashara SME will lift the curtain to show the machinery behind the films, TV shows, music, and radio programs we can’t live without. We will go behind the scenes and glamorous faces to uncover the nuts and bolts of daily life in the industry, including the challenges of digitizing content, promoting stars and shows, protecting intellectual property, developing talent, employing the latest technology, and getting projects done on time and within budget. We will carry stories on advertising and product placement, the power of reviews and reviewers, the cancerous spread of piracy, the battles between free to air and pay TV companies (and the threat to both from mobile companies).
Biashara SME’s goal is to provide insight into an industry that generates more conversations on a daily basis than any other. Biashara SME will offer a comprehensive treatment of the business side of film, television, music, books, and the performing arts (theatre, dance, and poetry).

Biashara SME was created by Wanjiru Waithaka, a novelist, biographer and freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya and founder of Rehtse Media Ltd which owns this site.
For more information about Wanjiru Waithaka, her books and her other work please visit (another website produced by SasaHivi Media):

About the website of Biashara SME

As the above concept is quite ambitious, SasaHivi Media’s challenge was to translate the concept into a real-existing web-based system.

Here are some highlights of the content we translated the concept into:
•    Answers for Entrepreneurs (based on general questions and Ask a CEO questions) - This section contains articles posted by site editor. Each article has sharing options, a list of related articles and has a section for reader comments.
•    Users Areas:
Members Area - Members can log into the website using a password automatically generated by the site. Registration is free and once they become members they will be allowed to list their companies in a searchable database (directory). Details required are name, address, postal code, town/city, telephone number, email, fax, URL and short bio of the company.
Members can also post job vacancies and events, their comments on stories/videos/blog posts, etc. on the site.
•    Experts Area - Experts can log into the website using a password issued by the website editor. There are two categories: individual and corporate. The latter entails companies that have 5 or more experts or engage in expert referral. Each expert has his/her own profile page which they can customize.
•    Guest Area - Guests are visitors to the website who have not registered as members. Guests have access to all print, audio, video content and blogs and can post comments in reaction to any material there but cannot post job vacancies, event notices or list their businesses in the Directory or Find an Expert page.
•    Directory - This section has a list of all member businesses. It has a search function by: company name (A-Z), category (industry/sector), product/service and location (city/town).
•    Find an Expert – In this section is a list of experts. It has:
-    A search function by name/company/keywords/category/product/service and location (city/town/country).
-    A sample of the 3 latest articles by our experts (older articles by experts are stored in the resources section).
•    Resources – This section contains all articles by the site’s experts, book reviews, updates on competitions for SMEs e.g. KABA, Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship, and links to sites that have useful content for members. This section also contains information about equity funds/angel investors in the market, their criteria for investing, sectors or types of industries they target and contact details.
•    Special Reports – This section contains longer articles or a series focusing on sectors or particular topics, and also reports on commissioned research.
•    Blogs:
- Coffee Break – This blog is run by the site editor. It offers real-time interaction with users on topical issues regarding business and the economy with a special focus on SMEs.
-Tech blog – This blog is assigned to an expert and focuses on technology with a view to demystifying tech terms, answering users’ questions and capturing the latest trends in technology likely to affect SMEs.
-Finance or money blog – This blog is assigned to an expert and answers users’ questions on finance, provide a section to demystify investment, deconstruct the national budget for users with specific emphasis on opportunities, impact on SMEs and provide a forum where the latest news in finance is discussed.
•    Vacancies/internships – This section contains available work and internship opportunities posted on the site.
•    Breaking News – This section has a running strip of current news items on the edge of the website.
•    Events & announcement of nominations to prestigious competitions/ awards – In this section one can view announcements on upcoming events and requirements on nominations to these competitive events.
•    Media - This section contains an information pack for journalists about the site, contacts for interviews and conditions for using content on the site.
•    FAQ's – These are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.
•    Poll question – This section has a weekly poll of users’ views on a particular topic.
•    Advertising - This section contains information on types of adverts offered on the site and rate card. The site offers still, flash, audio and video adverts to reflect the multimedia nature of the site.
•    Photo Galleries – These are pictorial Galleries with images. Each Gallery is interlinked with the project it belongs to. All content can be sorted by date, subject or keywords.
•    Audio Archive – The Audio Archive is the section of sound and song galleries of the projects of Biashara SME. Each Audio Archive is interlinked with the project it belongs to. All content can be sorted by date, subject or keywords. Each audio file can be listened to by an integrated online audio player.
•    Video Archive – The Video Archive is the section of video and moving image galleries of the projects of Biashara SME. Each project has its own gallery. Each gallery is interlinked with the project it belongs to. All content can be sorted by date, subject or keywords. Each video file can be watched by an integrated online video player. 
•    Mobile web access – Next to the website being able to be accessed by computer-based web browsers, Biashara SME is also accessible by mobile applications like browsing by mobile telephones. The mobile portal is designed specifically for access by handheld devices.

SasaHivi Media Ltd is proud to be associated with Biashara SME, Wanjiru Waithaka and Rehtse Media Ltd. It is a project which truly reflects the well-know Kenyan entrepreneurial spirit and takes the development and accessibility of online content in Africa to another level.

Have a look at the website of Biashara SME here:


Who are we

SasaHivi Media Ltd ('Sasa Hivi' means in Kiswahili 'right now') was founded in 2003 as a Social Entrepreneurship entity in Nairobi, Kenya by Ralf H. Graf, a long time experienced Multimedia, PR and IT professional.


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