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SasaHivi Media produces the new website for Kenyan writer Wanjiru Waithaka

SasaHivi Media produces the new website for Kenyan writer
Wanjiru Waithaka

About  Wanjiru Waithaka
Wanjiru Waithaka is a novelist, biographer and freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She focuses in her writings particular on entrepreneurship and the arts. Wanjiru has written or co-authored three books and numerous articles in newspapers and magazines.
Her first book, The Unbroken Spirit (2005), won third prize in the adult fiction category of the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature 2007. The award is the biggest and most prestigious literary award in the country.
Her most recent books are the autobiography of a leading Kenyan businessman and a book profiling a dozen of Kenya’s most successful entrepreneurs, co-authored with Evans Majeni. The two books are due for release in 2011.
Wanjiru also writes profiles of the Kenya Top 100, an initiative of Business Daily, a newspaper published by the Nation Media Group and KPMG. The Top 100 Survey was launched in 2008 and focuses on fast growing mid-sized companies (SMEs).

About the new website of Wanjiru Waithaka
As SasaHivi Media has by now a long tradition and a vast experience in bringing African artists online, it came almost naturally that Wanjiru Waithaka and SasaHivi Media would enter into an agreement to bring her projects online as well.
As much as electronic publishing has become common in the developed parts of the world, electronic publishing has just started in Africa. Electronic publishing or ePublishing includes the digital publication of e-books, electronic articles and the development of digital libraries and catalogues. Successful electronic publishing is about presenting content properly adapted to the capabilities and limitations of the World Wide Web.
We find it quite fascinating to develop and experiment with new forms of production, distribution and user interaction by means of using new media. We are facing right now nothing less than a new industrial revolution, a revolution which will change Africa and the world like maybe never before!
Though, as much as producing with new media can be efficient and cost-effective, it almost goes without saying that it needs a vast experience to unlock a project’s full potential.
Without exaggerating, at SasaHivi Media, we have this experience and we challenge you to challenge us… in case you doubt this statement!!!

SasaHivi Media Ltd is proud to produce once more a unique online project about Kenyan culture. Wanjiru Waithaka is another fast rising star at the African sky and we can recommend following her and her future projects to the fullest!

Have a look at the website of Wanjiru Waithaka here:  Wanjiru Waithaka’s website.


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SasaHivi Media Ltd ('Sasa Hivi' means in Kiswahili 'right now') was founded in 2003 as a Social Entrepreneurship entity in Nairobi, Kenya by Ralf H. Graf, a long time experienced Multimedia, PR and IT professional.


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