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SasaHivi Media signs online maintenance agreement with BM Security

SasaHivi Media signs online maintenance agreement with BM Security

SasaHivi Media Ltd has signed a maintenance agreement with BM Security (Bob Morgan Security), to revamp and maintain their online presence.

BM Security - committed to excellence
BM Security (Bob Morgan Security), one of the biggest and leading Security firms in Kenya, was founded in 1984 by the late Senior Assistant Commissioner of police Bob Morgan. Originally started as security for the Hollywood production, "Out of Africa", BM has grown to be a household name used by numerous residential clients and by the leading commercial corporations.
Cash in transit services commenced in 1985 for banks and commercial enterprises.
Dog services were started in 1988. By October 1994 full time kennels launched with the former police dog master. Since then BM Security has won awards every year at the East Africa kennel club, recognizing BM Security as having the best security dogs in the industry.
BM Systems was launched in 2001 to cater for electronic security solutions. The latest technology is on offer and is sustained by training and development. BM Courier was launched in 2008 to serve clients countrywide. In 2008 The BM group of companies was named among the TOP 100 SME's in Kenya in recognition for superb service and steady growth.
Today, Cedar Morgan continues the vision of Bob Morgan by running a professional organization managed by the top Experts in the Security Industry. BM Services has become one of the most reputable security firms in Kenya sustained by excellent service. With a base of over 5000 guards, and over 1300 alarm installations, BM Security has become a key player in the dynamic security Industry. The company has in its client portfolio many of the leading players in the telecommunication, banking, commercial, medical, petroleum and NGO sectors of the Kenyan economy.
Nowadays, the company has expanded its branch network to cover the entire country.
The company is a founder member of the Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA).

SasaHivi Media - committed to maintenance
BM Security is our long standing customer, for which we had built their initial website as well. As much as the website we had created years ago for them was still functional, technology keeps developing, particular in a fast paced environment like the internet. Therefore BM Security had the need to update their online presence to the current time, to incorporate present-date technology.
And as much as a website at delivery can be a gemstone, no gemstone will stay shining without being polished now and then. Or, would you spend a fortune to buy a luxurious car, drive out of the showroom without filling it up with fuel and then expect it to keep on driving forever as you had paid already for buying it?
If you shake your head to the above, then maybe our website updating and maintenance service is something for you:

Our online updating & maintenance service includes the following:

-      A weekly updating service of the actual content on your website.
-      Activation / de-activation of interactive modules in your website on your request.
-      A constant automatic monitoring if your website is online.
-      A stand-by emergency service in case your website (or parts of it) will be offline. If your website is offline, our emergency service team will analyze the problem and do all the possible as quickly as possible till your website is online again. This includes communicating to third party companies (like your ISP), and solving the problem with them together in case we discover that the problem is related to any third party.
-      A weekly manual check of your website for any errors, irregularities and security vulnerabilities.
-      A weekly manual check of your interactive parts, i.e. your inquiry forms and backend content management system.
-      A weekly search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to ensure your website can be found by all common search engines and stays in a ranking as high as possible.
-      A continuous monitoring and updating of the security of your website. As hacking technology advances by the day, we assure that your website will be always be protected by the latest online security technology. This particular update will be done whenever new hacking measures are discovered. We will notify you further immediately in case we come across any irregularity or any possible unauthorized intrusion into the backend system of your website.
-      Special attention will be given to your interactive inquiry form. SasaHivi Media Ltd will inquire actively with your office in case we suspect that the inquiries done through the inquiry form are not reaching you. In case your integrated inquiry form will stay offline longer than 1 hour, we will redirect the inquiry through a standby non-integrated inquiry form to your office.

In case you are interested in the above, contact us by clicking here!

SasaHivi Media is still proud to be associated with BM Security and we still can recommend their services as well to the very most!

Visit the website of BM security here:


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