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SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Defensive Driving Systems

SasaHivi Media produces the new website of Defensive Driving Systems

SasaHivi Media produces a new website for Defensive Driving Systems, one of the leading driver safety schools in Eastern Africa.

About Defensive Driving Systems Ltd
Defensive Driving Systems Ltd, an East-African based company was formed in 2006 by Jeremy Andrade, with the direct purpose of serving the transport industry in all matters of driver safety. Defensive Driving Systems provides a wide spectrum of services ranging from vehicle integrity inspections to fleet and driver management training for company  employees as well as contracted or fleet drivers. They specialize in defensive driver training for heavy goods and light vehicle drivers amongst others.
Defensive Driving Systems’ objective is to pass on the skills and knowledge through simple but very effective teaching and showing methods thus allowing drivers to “defend” themselves on the road. Furthermore to improve drivers’ base driving skills and taking into consideration that all road users are for a particular reason on the road, so sharing the road is not just a suggestion but has to be a way of life!

About the new Defensive Driving Systems website
As the road network in Africa is expanding and the number of cars is even expanding faster, the need for safe driving techniques is expanding as well! The need for Defensive Driving Systems to have an internet presence according to current standards, had not just expanded, it was already long time overdue!  We advised Defensive Driving Systems on how to present their company in the most optimal way on the internet. 
After studying the case carefully, we realized that the most actual content about the company should be included in the new website, to enhance communication between Defensive Driving Systems and their (potential) customers to a maximum. We came up with the following structure:

-      Incorporating a ‘Courses offered’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Our objectives’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Our trainer’s’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Other services’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Our client list’ section
-      Incorporating a Photo gallery.
-      Incorporating a ‘Your life on the road’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Is your child belted up’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Driving tips’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Teenage driver’s’ section.
-      Incorporating an ‘Are you driving green’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Vehicle maintenance tips’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Useful road safety links’ section.
-     Incorporating a ‘Tips when buying a car’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Participant feedback’ section.
-      Incorporating a ‘Testimonial’ section.
-      Incorporating an ’Enrollment’ section.
-      Installation of an online newsletter subscription.
-      Incorporating a blog section.

And should we mention that by standard we include a Statistics service, Spam protection and Search engine optimization in all our websites?

Defensive Driving Systems is making a difference on the ground by saving lives on the road and helping make roads safer! And SasaHivi Media is proud to produce a quality website for Defensive Driving Systems to help to make the roads safer!

Are you interested in learning how to survive the crazy traffic and become a better driver?
Then have a look at Defensive Driving Systems’ website and book a training here:  the Defensive Driving Systems website.


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