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SasaHivi Media produces new website for K-Rep Development Agency’s Juhudi Kilimo initiative

SasaHivi Media produces the new website for K-Rep Development Agency’s Juhudi Kilimo initiative

About Kenya, K-Rep Development Agency and Juhudi Kilimo
Agriculture and agro-related activities employ about 75% of Kenya’s population. An estimated 1.48 million smallholder farmers need financial services and technical assistance. These farmers lack collateral or business assets, and are denied financial services by the country’s many Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), which have limited rural reach and serve only 17.9% of the population.

Juhudi Kilimo LLC (‘Juhudi Kilimo’ means in Swahili ‘Conservation Efforts’) is a newly established for-profit enterprise with a strong social mission. It supports economic activity across agribusiness value chains by providing asset financing to smallholder farmers and small and medium rural enterprises. Juhudi Kilimo started as an initiative within K-Rep Development Agency, an NGO that performs research and product development for the microfinance sector. The initiative provided financing to over 7,000 smallholder farmers, 46% of them women. Since its inception in 2004, it has developed a well-functioning operating model and a network of staff and branch offices throughout Kenya.

Juhudi Kilimo now intends to become a viable commercial institution that provides asset financing throughout the Kenyan agribusiness value chain. By channeling funds for business development services and financing income-generating assets, Juhudi Kilimo helps to build and sustain wealth-creating rural enterprises (such as agricultural processing plants) that deliver income-generating activities, jobs, greater market access, and new services to rural communities.

About the new website of Juhudi Kilimo
Do you wonder why an organization targeting farmers in a rural setting in Africa needs a state-of-the-art website? Well, the answer is that (also) Africa is changing at a very fast pace and with more and more Africans getting access to internet services, it has become paramount for any organization working in Africa to have a suitable online presence. Suitable, meaning it’s not enough to have just a website for the sake of having one, but to develop concepts that really make sense.
The challenge SasaHivi Media was given for the website of Juhudi Kilimo, was to develop a website which is easy accessible, easy updatable and full with (downloadable) information that makes sense to the people it is meant for.
Next to targeting potential clients in Africa, Juhudi Kilimo had also the need to communicate through their website their efforts to their stakeholders based outside Africa.
It is often underestimated how much different target groups deal differently with information. Though, we hope to have created with Juhudi Kilimo’s new website an avenue on which both groups can retrieve the information they are looking for.
As it is SasaHivi Media’s trademark, also Juhudi Kilimo’s website is powered by and easy accessible database driven Content Management System (CMS), so Juhudi Kilimo’s office staff can update the website in a most comfortable way!

SasaHivi Media Ltd welcomes Juhudu Kilimo, K-Rep Development Agency and K-Rep Bank as our clients and we are as proud as prepared to make together with Juhudi Kilimo Africa a better place (starting with enhancing the lifes of Kenyan farmers)!

Have a look at the website of Juhudi Kilimo by clicking here: Juhudi Kilimo website.


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