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SasaHivi Media produces new house style and website for Boro Holdings

SasaHivi Media produces new house style and website for Boro Holdings

Boro Holdings is the home of accounting and financial advisory services for SMEs and individuals of all income levels and from all walks of life.

Boro Holdings has 4 distinct divisions:           

Boro Management Services (BMS)
- Boro Management Services provides professional assistance in bookkeeping, debt collection, payroll, tax, internal audit services and business consulting on an as needed or long-term basis. Boro Management Services works from an office equipped with the latest technology. BMS communicates and transfers projects via internet (email), telephone, fax, postal mail, express mail and any other appropriate, mutually agreed upon methods.
What makes BMS unique, is their method of delivery; clear, precise, accurate information, delivered on all levels of learning. We understand your frustrations, and work hard to make the client feel “at ease”, so you can focus on your business.

Boro Capital Management (BCM) - Boro Capital Management is a team oriented full service Financial Planning firm. BCM personalizes in Personal Financial Planning. This includes, but is not limited to, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management (insurance) and mortgages. Boro Capital Management has a disciplined approach to personalized financial planning. BCM’s clients are educated through face to face appointments and mailed materials in areas of financial planning. 

Boro Real Estate (BRE) - Boro Real Estate is a specialist residential and commercial rent collection agency covering Nairobi, Mombasa and other major towns in Kenya. Drawing on their extensive local knowledge, BRE aims to provide a comprehensive level of customer care to both landlords and tenants.
Most of Boro Real Estate’s clients are letting a property or properties for convenience, income or both. They are looking for a proper financial reward without the worry of close involvement. At the same time they want to be assured that they have not lost control of their property.
Boro Real Estate’s ‘Rent Collection’ service offered is designed to meet these objectives in every detail.

Boro General Supplies Agency (BGS) - Whether it’s copy paper, pens, staplers and staples, tape, clips, rubber bands, envelopes, scissors, correction fluid, labels, Post-it notes, filing and storage essentials, binders, presentation supplies, Boro General Supplies Agency’s got great prices on over 25,000 office supplies.
BGS, has the office supplies you need to manage your workload and your day, so you can be at the front line of business. They are there to help you succeed with top, trusted brands of office products and technology that deliver the performance and quality that you deserve.

Boro Holdings has asked SasaHivi Media to overhaul their complete company house style and produce a new fresh look, visualizing the vision and mission of Boro Holdings. SasaHivi Media will not just make a new visual style (inclusive of company logo), but will also produce a whole range of publications for Boro Holdings. These publications range from printed letterheads, business cards, complimentaries, forms and brochures to a whole range of online publications like an extensive database driven website, downloadable forms, portable brochures and e-mail branding, to mention just a few!

SasaHivi Media Ltd welcomes Boro Holdings to it’s ever growing family of clients and hopes cordially that the new house style and website will help Boro Holdings to expand their business more and more!

Find the website of Boro Holdings here:


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